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I decided to make a little game in stencyl, to get started on something and actually finish the project. It´s called T-Rex Run and it is an endless runner where you control a T-Rex (and run!) avoiding cacti.

-Fixed Reload Problem
I ran into a problem though and was wondering if someone here could help. When you touch a cactus, you lose and you´re taken to a screen where it is shown your Score and Highscore. I used the same play button there to go back to the game scene as I did in the Main Menu. But when it goes back to the game no more cactus comes and the T-Rex will just run forever.

Play the game a bit and tell me what you think.

Thanks in advance.

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Haha "inspired by google's T-Rex". I knew it seemed familiar...


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Haha "inspired by google's T-Rex". I knew it seemed familiar...
My thoughts too :)
Look into evolving the gameplay a bit


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The author of this post, has overall 1 post... at 6:30 in the morning... With a broken link.... and its on 4/20.... :P


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Copyright takedown?