Circle Cipher [New pretty pictures]


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Hi guys,

I have a tendency to drop projects after getting the mechanics down.
I'm hoping to finish this project this time though, so I figured I'd throw together a thread on here to keep myself responsible - so it's sort of like AA for coding.

Anyhow, I got an idea for a puzzle game, messed around with it, and slapped together a quick draft this afternoon.
The premise is pretty straightforward: Line up the C-shaped things (disks, rings, whatever you fancy) so that a straight line can be drawn from the periphery to the center, problem being that rotating disks rotates other disks, and the relation between disks isn't necessarily mirrored.

If you'd like to give it a go, here's a link:

The main issue I'm having is figuring out an analytical solution for any system of disks, with any fractional rotation and cross-linkage. It seems like a situation for a matrix, but the rules for each circle are a little weird.

Any suggestions for improvement are of course welcome.  :D

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Short update - improved the layout a little and spruced up the pictures a bit.
Also added in a system to tell the player the final location of all linked rings if a ring were spun via hovering over said ring.

5/3/15 - I don't know what common etiquette is for editing vs. double-posting, but for now I'll just edit.
Played around, spinning disks for a while today. Found it dull after a while, and came up with an idea to improve things a bit.

The new goal is to bring the peripheral charge(s) to the center, by toggling the polarity of the center charge.
As another mechanic, the center charge itself may be split into two polarities, and could even spin. Rings could be charged too, changing their behavior based on their contents (that is, which charge is in their aperture), or on the central charge. I believe the biggest challenge with this system will not be keeping it interesting & fresh, but making the puzzle manageable.

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Picked up working on this a little more this weekend, and implemented the charges, which flip from ring to ring depending on the polarity of their charge vs. the center charge. Not sure how to handle similar charges coinciding, logically; should they repel, and if so, should they repel to as far as they can go, or the midpoint between the outer charge and the center? And if both charges are the same, and attracted to the center? And how about charges attracting? At any rate, it should be an interesting set of mechanics to think about.

Also tidied up the system for creating the associations/relations between disks a bit.