All truth about Indie Game Developers....


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Haha, that is pretty accurate except maybe for the friends one.
My name is Jason, I live in America, and I am 18 years old

"Focus more on the product than profit, for the profit will come after the product." -Me


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I did not found a right word on English, not closest friend of cause, they knows "reality" but acquaintances, those who estimate you by well known indies who became a millioner in one night . May be it is just my experience


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Lmao, how I see myself.


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not closest friend of cause, they knows "reality" but acquaintances

Last year I told a friend - more of an acquaintance since we only talk a handful of times a year - that I was starting my own business in app development. Her first response was, "I'll be coming to you for grant money".

The "how people see me" is a little off. They usually think that game developers are really young. Obviously an adult would not be doing something childish like making video games :)