Merrak's Isometric Adventures -- In-Game Map Editor


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Coming Together... I now have what's arguably the most important feature of an editor: a working file writer. After all, what good is the editor if you can't save your work?  :o

Here it is!

Programming the input box took significantly longer than the file writer. This seems to be a theme: UI taking longer than the real feature. But I need input boxes, so taking the time to write a flexible one should pay off in the long run. The input box supports most of the little things you don't really think about until they're missing: a cursor, clicking on the box to move the cursor, both backspace and delete keys. I don't have copy+paste or click-and-drag to highlight, but I don't think those are worth the trouble at the moment.

There's the file:

Loading the map should be negligible. I already use external files for maps.

Here is the text input box setup, using the GUI extension--

and the 'save' button that takes the input from the box and passes it as an argument

There is a block for the "get value of text input" feature, but I gave up making blocks for Vallas Engine a long time ago.