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Either the door is looked or there isn't a door in the first place. Why put the door there if you don't want them to go into it?
What if they don't go to this area at all? You made it for a reason! It is a shame if it is never explored.

Maybe I see it wrong and you will lit the doors/room later so player can and need to choose to go  into the other rooms. I don't know.
Anyway, as always I like to read your thoughts and attempts on creating something special!

Whoops--I thought there was something important I had left out. That's what happens when I write at 1 am :)

At the start of the game, the only light comes from windows. Rooms that are deeper inside are only lit by doors neighboring a lit room (like in the room in my previous post). The walls cast long shadows that hide certain exits, although the player can still find them.

Partway through the game there is an electricity generator that the player can restore by finding a missing part. The generator powers lamps in the deeper rooms. The lamps will reveal the remaining sections of the rooms. There are also a few mechanical doors which need power to operate. And since most of the monsters in the game are mechanical, then additional power can also bring new ones to life.

Anywhere I absolutely don't want the player to go early I can block with the usual doors. I like non-linearity in games, but I also don't want the player to tell me the game is unfair because they find areas that are littered with pits that can't be seen.


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Ahhh! That generator part explains a lot.

Have fun creating it!

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