Merrak's Isometric Adventures -- RPG Reflections


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Very good stuff!
A couple of thoughts i want to share:

QOL Tuesday. My to-do list has dwindled to a mere 30ish items--down from more than 300. Granted, some of the items aren't very quick... such as "make all the cutscenes from the game". Still, it feels like I'm closing in on the finish line.
I think this is so very important. Ask yourself if you realy need it. I cut so much stuff i wanted. Iactually cut all some weeks ago to have an empty "i still need this"-list and i am still surprised how much effort it is to finish the game with no new features planned ahead. I am encouraging to cut as much as you can. I actually filled my "i still need this"-list with stuff i need to remove from the game again because it woudl take too much time to implement it properly or it does not have the impact i wanted. obviously i found out while playing and testing which i could never have done if i hadnt implemented a simple version of the feature.

Another big item on the to-do list: "Make music for the game". I think I have a pretty good handle on sound effects, but I realized I'm just going to have to license music. I think stock music is going to be the way to go, since it fits my budget.
Go the simple way yes. Make sure you buy/use music with the licence you wan to use it for (commercial/non commercial etc). There is fantastic stuff out there for a low price.

The last to-do item is to play through the entire game, from start to end. I've actually yet to do this since every time I find an issue, I tend to have to start over.
And this will take time. I force myself to play in context. I have a cheat menu which allows me to jump inside the game but this respects how the game works and i also force myself to play the entire game. its also important for the pacing and flow.
I think it gradually takes more time to finish the game the closer you are to the finish line. But its doable! Just dont loose motivation which i dont think you will :)