Rewarded Videos vs Interstitial Ads? (ECPM wise)


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Hey, guys. Just wondering if there's a massive difference in the amount that you get from a player watching a video ad. Compared with them clicking off a handful of interstitial ads.

I'm still on the fence, in terms of which one to go for. As a fully-working Android/iOS,  rewarded video function seems to still be unavailable.

Obviously, interstitials are the easiest to implement - and they don't seem to run out. Unlike what I've been hearing about rewarded videos.

Just wondering which ones you would suggest for monetization.


Seb.  :)

Max Finch

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Right now Robinschfma is currently giving my Ad Colony extension Android support. Ad Colony is  a video interstitial only ad company. Since my game Worp is the first game that I'm using it in, I don't yet know how it will perform.

Wrassling uses Admob video interstitials every now and then and from what I've heard has given those guys a decent amount of cash. However, Wrassling is around 250K downloads and growing.

I use Chartboost for interstitials, I've seen it jump around $5 to $150 per 1000 impressions. Mr Tart has maybe 30-100 active users so I don't actually make a lot of money there.

I received an E-Mail from Ad Colony yesterday  with some very interesting statistics as to where all the advert types are currently sitting via data supplied by 100 of the top grossing applications.

That might supply with you more data than I can. Maybe someday my games will perform well enough to the point where I can actually give you some useful information.