Questions about upgrading to 3.3


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So I have to uninstall my current version first right? I don't know which of the files stencyl made need to be deleted and which ones need to stay. I'd like to not lose my games, but I'm more concerned with getting the new version to work properly. Thanks.


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Just export the game go to File Export game, then install the new stencyl and simple grab your game.stencyl to the program, open it maybe a appear a pop up saying to upgrade your game accept and thats it.


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I do believe that you need to uninstall the old version of Stencyl first. 
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I never did so and havent got any issues so far. But is is recommended to have a backup of your projects.


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You don't need to uninstall, but then make sure to install 3.3 in a different location than your previous version.

If you overwrite the old version, leftover library files from the old version will make the builds fail.


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Ok, thanks guys,  everything's working wonderfully so far.