Simple Physics - Actors won't collide with tiles that are square. (Fix: 8458)


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Testing the latest Stencyl (b8376), actors in simple physics mode are failing to collide into tiles that are set to square. All other collision shapes seem to take on the square collision(atleast collisions work with em).  The rectangle collisions act as squares as well.

This also happened on the prev. version of Stencyl I've had(forgot which). It's weird because my older games seem to work fine in SP mode regarding tiles. This only happens when I make a new game.

This might be an issue with my specific installation, but I'll just put this out here if any others are facing this issue.

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Anyway, actors are not collide with Box2D if actor's affected by gravity is no or can't be pushed.

I switched physics to simple. They are colliding with each other if they hit bottom or top but no colliding if hit left or right. Version is 8376 and 2 of previous versions were the same.


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A user in IRC just ran into this. Every other tile collision shape acts like a square, but a square acts like nothing.

Legendary Hoamaru

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Fixed in 8458.  Collision IDs shifted for newer games and I didn't update the reader for SP.