Puzzle Sweeper (iOS, Android, PC, Mac)

Electric Fruit

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Hi everybody, I would like to introduce my latest game Puzzle Sweeper

I'm calling it a Minesweeper-like as the idea came from trying to mash together Minesweeper and a dungeon crawler, the game was initially pretty complicated but I have shed a lot of features lately in pursuit of a more streamlined gameplay and finally getting the damed thing finished.  

The object of Puzzle Sweeper is to identify all the rooms and find the exit to the dungeon.

Here is a screen shot of a Puzzle Sweeper board

As you can see the game plays a lot like Minesweeper but instead of just mines the board contains traps, keys, chests and a dungeon exit, all of which must be found to escape the dungeon. The numbers on the green blocks behave just like the numbers do in minesweeper and indicate what is in the surrounding squares, red for a trap, yellow for a key, blue for a chest and orange for the dungeon exit. Traps must be disarmed by double tapping them and you need to find the keys to open both the chest and the exit. To get 100% on a board you need to disarm all the traps and escape with the treasure.

The game is almost done and I'm hoping devloging my progress will help keep me motivated through the last few hurdles and get this thing out the door.

Thanks for checking it out

Electric Fruit

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Just released a small Lets Play style video of Puzzle Sweeper;