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When the crew of Worp warped into the circular galaxy they had a bad feeling about it, maybe it was the lack of straight lines, or perhaps the giant space ball cannon pointing towards them.

"It's challenging and a ton of fun." -Touch Arcade

"Pure unfiltered dopeness." -AppSpy

"It's infuriating, and a bit brilliant." - Pocket Gamer



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Hey all,
A bit late posting this but 'Worp' has been out for like what? 3 days? Anyways it's out for iOS and I *might* port to Android, but it's seemingly unlikely.
Anyways, this is probably my top favorite game I've ever made. Really enjoyed all the problem solving, figuring out how to do collisions on the inside of a circle, finding out adjusting radius and movement, creating the game all in 1 scene, the mulit-iAP ad removal, etc. It was a blast and I'm proud of it.

The current version (1.0) is really hard as most players feel, I'm working on an update that better manages the difficulty and really hope to get that out soon.


Some stats:

The iAP 'Choose your price' is something I highly recommend. As Carter Dotson of Touch Arcade pointed out, giving a player the option to pay more for a game they enjoy has no real downside. Here are some stats over 3 days.

Tier 1 iAP ($0.99) total purchases: 8

Tier 2 iAP ($1.99) total purchases: 1

Tier 3 iAP ($2.99) total purchases: 2

Tier 4 iAp ($4.99) total purchases: 0

Tier 5 iAp ($7.99) total purchases: 1

Total iAp ($24.78), my proceeds: $16

Since the game isn't very popular I haven't made a fortune off the game with ads. Maybe around $10-$20. The game cost me over $900 to develop.

You can view my Sensor Tower page here

Or my App Annie page here

if those kind of things interest you.



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I'm surprised to see such low numbers.  Do mobile gamers just not pay attention to mobile gaming press?

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I'm surprised to see such low numbers.  Do mobile gamers just not pay attention to mobile gaming press?

The game wasn't received too well by the gaming community due to the difficulty. Which I've redone in the new update.


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It's a great looking game and it's clearly well made. The problem is that some games just have that addicting feel and others don't. Similarly, some games just don't appeal (whether it be because of their name, premise or whatever) to the masses. It seems like you've got to just keep trying and can't expect every game to be a hit. I know you've said might stop making games but I hope you still do it on the side because you have the potential to make a huge hit.

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It's not that I don't expect every game to be a hit, which I don't. It's that for the past two years I've failed to make any return on my games and it's come to the point where I have to sell my equipment to get out of my debt. No equipment means no games. But my debt may be the decision factor to whether or not I grab a 5 digit college loan, and in my opinion going to college far outweighs spending every three months making little indie games that are more than likely a waste of time and money.

I'd love to continue my hobby, but I have priorities.


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It's not that I don't expect every game to be a hit, which I don't. It's that for the past two years I've failed to make any return on my games and it's come to the point where I have to sell my equipment to get out of my debt.
Sad to read this.
How about if you try to create games with 0€ investment?
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.


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Just an advice.
If you want to make real money from your games, at least just enough.
The way I see it, you are doing it wrong.
Your game is more suited for the midcore & hardcore crowd.

Mobile game is the casual territory, not that there's no midcores or hardcores,
but the majority  are casuals. Even some of the non casuals prefer to play casual games on mobile.

Its pretty obvious why Worp doing great on desktop (web).Thats where your crowd is.
Either you build for the desktop, or change your game-plan,
create a casual game thats more appealing to the casual crowd.

Casual is more like, whats trending, whats funny, silly and easy to pick-up, a lot of wow-factor.
A midcore and hardcore is more like, whats nostalgic, familiar yet unique, and innovative.

As a side note, most gamers these days do not read reviews on gaming site, (maybe 10 years back they do)
only fellow developers and people who are looking for the next triple A games flock the gaming site.
Mobile games is a pretty crowded market. There's probably at least a few reviews on different game a day.
Furthermore, does it make sense to the casual crowd to check the gaming site every time
before downloading a game? Or just simply browse the store, download-play-delete?
Don't get me wrong, it still a good thing to get reviewed, thats how you get at least a chance to be noticed
and get featured on the Store, but reviews doesn't guarantee a download.

My 2 cents.


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To me the problem about the press is that articles were released before the final release of the game. Or am I wrong?
If I were a player in search of apps on an app review site I just want a direct download to the app after reading the article.
The game to me is amazing, maybe a little bit too random, but the gameplay and the graphics are well suited for the iOS Appstore...
I hope your game will be featured by Apple, you deserve it. ;)
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I suggest asking multiple YouTubers to feature it. It seems like a game that could go viral with popularity.


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To me the problem about the press is that articles were released before the final release of the game. Or am I wrong?

Yes, press will release the article early, because it benefits them. Whichever site have the news first,
will get the most visitors. Setting an embargo for all site will make them hold-on until the set date.
But the press rarely honored this. Once 1 site breaks the embargo, all other site will release the article.
Again it doesn't benefit them to hold on too long. They make money from ads site visits.
Anything that already release doesn't make sense to them, because big % of people already know,
its not a quality news, unless its something viral or controversial.
I don't see anything the developer can do to fix this, thats just how it is.


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Its surprising for me too that you say it haven't gotten the success we could expect, i found it a very cool development for sure, cool graphics and obviously nice effects! Its pretty hard, yeah, but many cool games around are.... Maybe it could help increasing a little the size of the circle (or scaling each stuff for it to look as like), but keeping the same shooting speed since the preassure is what makes it cool.
And well maybe we should just wait a little and see how it evolves.

Try doing a post on Indiegamemag forums sharing your game, i got a review on their site from them as well.

By other side how did you get the review from  PocketGamer and AppSpy? was it part of your investment, in advertising or were you able to catch them for free?

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I believe that a game becomes viral when Apple or Google it bring out the "Best New Games"
Reviews of specialized sites do not give so much visibility as you think...
There are few games that became viral without being "Featured by", or without doing much advertising.
I think that you've created the perfect game for the casual player.
Honestly, I thought that was featured among the best games, last Thursday.
I hope it happens soon, because your game has everything you need because this happens, comparing it with the games that are put on the Home Page of iTunes in recent months.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Wow lots of conversation last night.

I believe it wasn't featured because the gameplay isn't very polished. The developer of Bean Dreams, Radical, and the Mikey series and I talked over Skype about it. He said that him and his friends would randomly grab super high scores and then never be able to even come close to that. I've been given a lot of pointers for the new update which I hope gives it a bit more life. I never expect a feature from Apple, expecting something of that nature will just crush you when it doesn't happen. I would like to make my money back though.

I don't think I was clear enough to everyone from my blog or here. First off, it's not like I spent so much money on an artist, musician, etc. In order to make Worp I decided that I needed to purchase an iPad to avoid the problems I had with Mr Tart. I also have subscriptions to various programs that cost me money every month. The musician I hired to create the music for Worp was very cheap for his quality (which is extremely good).

I want to continue to make video games, it's not like Worp's failure has made me cry in agony and cursed game dev for all eternity.  If I am to walk to a bank next month in  a suit and tie and request a $12,000 student loan so I can go to school and get an education I shouldn't have the debt that I've created for myself. Right now I serve prune juice and cow liver to old people for a living at $9 an hour. My job makes me less than $600 a month, so after rent, gas, insurance, phone bill, and other basic necessities I have about $50 left. So there's no way my job is going to help me. Next I look at my games, I make about $100 every two months. I'm not even going to do math there. After those two income sources I'm not left with anything else. I'm supposed to grab a loan next month, so the only way to bring my credit score up enough is to sell my iPad, Mac, sound equipment, and drawing equipment. Without that equipment I can't make games. Simple.

I don't know what I am going to do in the future, I love making games. I've been making them since I was 14 years old. I do know that I have many, many years to get back into it. Just right now, I have to grab life by the balls and get over it.


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I dont know how  long you have left on your studio subscription, but I would keep all of your equipment until that runs out, the. Sell it and go to college. You never know, when you get back from college and get all your equipment, it xpould be a whole new era of development. Stencyl could go 3d, and be way more awesome! If you stop making games, you will be a huge loss to the stencyl community. You have commented on most of the threads in this forum.
My name is Jason, I live in America, and I am 18 years old

"Focus more on the product than profit, for the profit will come after the product." -Me


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Quote from: Max Glockling
I believe it wasn't featured because the gameplay isn't very polished.
I've gotten into the habit of checking the best new games list each week, and usually the simple twitchy games that get featured have more content than just the base game loop such as different modes, levels/missions, and unlockable cosmetics.  But it's still a gamble either way given the very limited number of slots.

Quote from: Max Glockling
Without that equipment I can't make games. Simple.
I know Flash isn't as big as it was, but that's an option if you want to continue publishing games without paying any money to anyone.

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Stencyl could go 3d