My Graveyard of Dead Games (Warning: Lots of images and gifs)

Hello everyone,  I just wanted to post some of my dead projects that has been lurking on my hard drive for some time now that haven't seen the light of day.  Some of these projects were abandoned, forgotten, or non payment from customers.  I just graduated from college (WOOOT!) so i'm excited to have free time to actually focus on just game development.  This is kinda my way of spring cleaning.

These are free for anyone (although pretty much useless without the whole set) I hope to spark someones creativity.  Now that I graduated and have the free time I am open to make game art for anybody.  My specialty is hand painted sprites ( I know, technically all sprites are hand painted)  What I mean by that is I start with a sketchbook, draw my ideas, scan them, bring them into art programs and paint them.  I like to do vectors as well!  But I don't do retro art only because I just suck at it.  I will do free stuff if your game idea sounds really cool!

Project:  Dragon Souls
Description:  This was going to be a beat em up game with RPG elements.  Created some really cool stuff, cant show the rest because technically the person brought it.  This what was left for abandonment and unpaid.  Its a neat portfolio piece, shows some detailed sprites I can make.
Status:  This project was canceled by developer.


Project: Color Theory
Description:  This was a personal project for me.  Inspired by the game Portal,  this was a isometric puzzle game. Pretty much whole idea is the player has a color gun.  The gun could shoot one beam of light once at a time (only the primary colors Red, Green, Blue) The player would have to unlock doors and destroy enemies by blending the correct colors.  (For instance to open a Yellow door, you would have to shoot the color receiver on the wall with a beam of Red light and Green because red and green makes yellow.)  I wanted a puzzle game that challenges the players mind to think with mixing colors.
Status:  On hold?  It's a cool concept but I really cant determine how the game mechanics would work.  If you could only shoot the primary colors how would you get orange?  (you would need red and yellow)  And if you could shoot yellow ( which is a secondary color) then where is the challenge in the game?  Your free to use this idea if you want.  The gun sprites are still work in progress.

Project:  Untitled
Description:  This was a ludem dare game I was making.  It started basic and then it grew too big for me to handle.  (like all my ludem dare games I try to make too complex games)  This was a new art style I created and fell in love with.  The goal of the game was to capture towers.  You had to sneak into an enemies tower, hack the control panel, and wait out 10 minutes defending it until the hack was complete and you captured the base.  Player would have different armor sets, guns, vehicles and mechs.  Think of Metal Warriors (SNES) mixed with a tower defense. 

Other random abandoned projects...

What is the one picture that says Prism Surveillance ?

What is the one picture that says Prism Surveillance ?

This is the first level for my isometric color game.  "Prism Surveillance" was the name of the fictional company running the tests on the player.  Prism Surveillance is a company that specializes in security dealing with color.   Player would have to solve color puzzles to get to the next room.