Ms. Rainbow (Out Now)


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You can download it from the apple store here:

You can download it from the google play store here:

Check out the Slide DB profile here.
Ms. Rainbow

Game Journal

     This is my first time doing a game journal but hopefully not my last!  Ive read multiple times from developers that keeping a journal helps to keep them on track and meet deadlines that otherwise would be hard to stick to.  Since I am having that problem myself, I figure ill give it a try!

     The idea behind the game is simple.  There are 9-10 levels. Get to the end of each level without falling in the pits, or landing on the bad obstacles. (Spikes, saws, etc).  As the main character, you will progress through the levels, and along the way you will acquire advice/abilities from a few helpful friends. Though there will be a set way to beat each level, there will be hidden passages and routes that are not very apparent unless your looking! By the 10th and final level, you will have learned all the abilities to catch up to and put a stop the the main nemesis.... If you can. 

Abilities Gained

Level One- You will Learn Tap to jump short, Press to jump Farther, Hold to jump Farthest.
Level Two- You will Learn Wall Slide.
Level Three- You will Learn Wall Jump.
Level Four- You will Learn Double Jump.
Level Five- You will Learn Double Jump Off Walls.
 Level Six- You will Learn Triple Jump.
Level Seven- You will Learn To Glide.
Level Eight- You will Learn to Blast.
Level Nine- - Nothing.. You have no wings to fly =P





Monetization Strategy :

Advertisements **AND**  In-app Purchases

I've decided how the game will attempt to generate revenue...
      Since you cannot move on to the next level without beating the previous level, I will allow users who have not yet beat a level, to buy a key, and unlock only the NEXT level.  I didn't want to make this 0.99$, but its the lowest possible price in the App store pricing. 

Also, I will be including an ADMOB ad every 5  deaths and retries at the same level.
  - To add to this, I will also be including a remove ad's button in the settings menu.
        -1.99 to remove ads?


Hey everybody!  This section is new, and something that Im going to experiment talking about.  The budget for this game.

So all of the programming, level design, concepts, and story were done by myself.  Although this is a cost, (Time), I will not be considering this as an expense.

Licensees and Software:

Stencyl Studio License:       $200   (Yearly)
Apple Developer Ls:             $100   (Yearly)
Google Developer:                   $25   (Lifetime)

Artwork and Advertising

Artwork for game:                    $150    (Lifetime)
Kenney Studio for tiles:         $20    (Lifetime)
Advertising:                                  $ 0   (As of now, WILL be advertising some)
Reflector for Promo vids:     $25    (Lifetime)

Extras:  $150

This is just keeping track of a running total for money spent for help while working on the game.  This is for things such as post help, extension help, suggestions, and to help other developers good causes.


The running total as of now for all of the above mentioned things.

Total: $670

Reviewers and Youtubers

This section is what I am currently doing.  Now that the app is accepted and ready to publish. (November 27th), Its time to start marketing.  Below are app review sites, including quick reach emails. (Some can only be done on their websites.)  Some are also paid... Which I haven't jumped at one yet. (They offers tons of unique deals.  Looking for best ones).

This list took about 6 hours so far of searching and navigating.  I am hoping it will save whoever uses it a ton of time.  I know its going to help with my future games, (which is why I am taking the time to make it).

** If you think I missed an important one or have some of your own, please let me know and ill get them added to this list**

Must submit from website.   (IF IT IS FOR KIDS)

Quick Emails to Submit Press Package to.

Requires Sign up on Website To Submit

Paid Reviews Only

Beta Testing

iOS Beta testing is now live.  Looking for more testers, still have around 900 slots open.  Send me a message that inculdes:

1.) Your name
2.) Age (If you don't mind sharing)
3.) Your Email that you can open on your iOS device.

Current Bugs, Errors, Suggestions

In all, we receive around 500 bug reports, Errors, and suggestions.  Each one was considered carefully and implemented as we saw fit.  Thank you to anybody who was a part of this and looking forward to getting more of you involved hopefully on the next project!  Thanks a ton! It means the world to me to receive so much help and support!

-Dialog Text bounds to large [TODO]
-Easter Eggs found [TODO]
-Main Character Animations [TODO]
-Add Exit Button To Demos [TODO]
-Add Counter to start, or Remove 0.5s Delay [TODO]
-Add Dialog To demos Completion [TODO]
-Next Level Button Switches Animations at 100% [TODO]
-End of Level One has no more hills in background [TODO]
-Disable Wall Jump and Wall Slide in DEMO1 [TODO]
-Tree Edges showing white [TODO]
-Line showing on right of trees [TODO]
-Cannot Use “Wrap Around Scene or Screen” with “Parallax Effect” on actors
- Coming Soon on Eggs Button [TODO]
-Move Clouds to back layer (All Scenes)[TODO]
-Remove Right Block Collisions under Mentors on Demos[TODO]
-Integrate AdMob ads in iOS and Android[TODO]
-No collisions on Level 9 Demo Floor[TODO]
-Remove collisions from Eggs.[TODO]
-Move Pepper and Cosmo Up[TODO]
-Design, hide, and show Eggs[TODO]
-Add Barriers to Levels above and at Start[TODO]
-Fix Dialog Extension for current build[TODO]
-Atlases need to have blast/glide[TODO]

- 337 Completed and Removed

Suggestions are HUGE!  Now that the game is out.... any bug spots, text errors, false collision bounds, etc can be reported here!  Please do too, I only have so many devices and time to test it out for myself!
Suggestion are always welcome!

Everything that has been left blank in the this post will be updated as I get around to each part of the game.  I will also be checking back often for jokes, involvement, suggestions, comments, feedback, and even the good ol' hate messages! :P

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I always enjoy these kinds of games. Have you thought about making a Metroidvania style game, rather than having distinct levels?


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I hadn't really thought about it honestly.  Might be a spinoff possibility for another game! 


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** Updated top post**
**Check for red "New" posts.

Added a level 1 demo for the jumps.
Added ability ideas for for levels 5 and 6 as well


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** Updated top post**
**Check for red "New" posts.

Added a level 2 demo for the jump and wall slide ability.


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Could you take off the ads on the embedded version?


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Yes I can, hold on a little while.  I have to rebuild and upload all the demos.  It should be done here in a few mins.


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Should all be gone now.  Sorry about that.


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** Updated top post**
**Check for red "New" posts.

Added demos for level 3 and level 4, as well as removed ads par requests.


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Really interesting. Almost like a Mr. Jump meets Super Meat Boy.


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Thanks for your interest. I will be uploading 2 more ability demos here within the hour.  Still trying to think a good way to add more abilities in without taking away from the overall ability of it being a one button style game. 


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** Updated top post**
**Check for red "New" posts.

Added demos for level 5 and 6.


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Pretty cool so far!

If you're stuck on ideas for #9, you could try "float" / "fly" (hold down screen to maintain vertical position)


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Thanks for the idea!  I have thought about this for a similar ability.  Only problem is that I already have holding down set up to maximize your characters jump/wall-jump distance.   I have also thought about instead of gaining all the abilities in a row, maybe spread a few out and introduce new enemies on some levels... I dont know though... got some thinking to do!


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If you hold down while your character is falling you could use a glide ability, as if they had a cape keeping them from falling fast.