Aim High (Android)


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Hi everyone,

I just published my first game "Aim High"  on the Play Store.
You can find it here.

★ Tap on right side to accelerate your plane
★ Tap on left side to shoot
★ Tilt your smartphone to change direction
★ Try to reach the owl before the countdown runs out!

Feedback is welcome!
Thank you!  :)





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Anyone with feedback?
Im not sure how to improve it, I dont even know if it works correct on different phones/screensizes...
Would be great if you could give me a small message how it works for you!

Thanks for your help  :)


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Hello ChristianR,

Your game looks great and feels great. But that is all for the menu and level selection.
The plane controls are way to difficult for m.e.  and I don't like to read the control information offline.

System: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Currently the game is unplayable for me since the plane falls way to quick. I would advice to make the physics real easy at the beginning and you only learn how to navigate the plane. The level of difficulty should increase progressively so that the current physics is on level 10 or maybe even higher.

Again the level of polish is top-notch and the unlockable areas look interesting to achieve.

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I have to agree with mdotedot. The game looks great! The controls, though, were very frustrating. I think you need to drop the difficulty of the first level considerably, then work your way back to the regular difficulty. The speed of the plane is what makes it difficult for me. I think it's the sort of challenge I could get with practice--but there don't seem to be any "practice" level screens.

Played on Galaxy Note 10.1


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Thank you for your detailed feedback!

To be honest, i think something must be wrong with the game on your phones. I created the first levels as practice levels, so the user can learn how to control  the plane.
You noticed you can hold down the right side of the display to speed up the plane? I think when I lower the gravity of the first levels, the plane would accelerate way too fast.
Could you describe exactly what makes it so difficult for you? Maybe its just a programming error...

But although its a good idea to implement a small control guide ingame.


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I was trying playing it on Samsung galaxy s3.
Like people said above me, graphics great and the total atmosphere looks very professional but...
I didn't like the mechanics, the game is very difficult. I was able getting to level 3 and then I just gave up :P
I would consider change the controlling of the game to buttons instead of tilting maybe .
I think with different mechanics I can really like this game :P

nice work and good luck anyway