Just in case you need some Icing on a Cake. Artist here for hire.


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Hi to all.

My name is Nikki.  :P I'm an artist currently helping other programmers to make art for their games. If you like some interesting stuffs for you game, I can serve you well. I will attach here the samples of my work.

I use Maya and Zbrush for 3d. If you need Lo-polygon models ex. Furniture or simple hard-surfaced objects price starts from 5$ - $100. If it's a creature or a highly detailed organic object it may reach as much as $300+.  I also provide animation (skinning + rigging ) at a different rate.  I can help do environment additives and props. Rendering also goes in a different rate.

for 2D sprites in pixel art style, my rate starts from 1$-$10 per sprite. Animation included.
$20 for highly detailed tileset. 128 x  128 px + 4 free variation of terrain / element.

I help programmers create their games the same way I do it on my own. 

If you're interested, just contact me here at:


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Thanks for the art. I'll post more when the game is finished :)


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Hey Ceosol.

Heheheh That's OK. Thanks a lot.  :P I was planning to make some more hilarious games than the serious ones.  8)