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Multiplayer Extensions Resource List


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Hello Stencylers :) !There has been a lot of post about multiplayer extensions. Some clever Stencylers have created near the multiplayer extensions.  There have been several now available but it could be hard to find them. It could also be complex to find what you're looking for because a few are discontinued and a few are more updated than others.  So a resource list of all the active and abandoned multiplayer extensions(scoreboard extensions included) ! Enjoy :) !

For a all in 1 pack extension of all these active extensions and documentations please visit Here !

                                              Active :) :
Multiplayer :
Online multiplayer Turn Based extension: Lobby
Online multiplayer Turn Based extension: Turn
UDP Extension : Near realtime online multiplayer network communication
Online Multiplayer extension : WebSocket
On-line ScoreBoard ( Updated )
On-line ScoreBoard

Multiplayer additions (properties):
Online messages
Saving to the cloud
Network Extension

Help explaining ( besides the manual with the extension) :
Creating your own Server
Creating a full MultiPlayer TurnBased game with Scoreboard

Multiplayer Services :
Playsurface Extension

Kits :
Multiplayer Kit

Multiplayer Games :

Online Multiplayer TicTacToe. [Finished]
  YATM : GhostMen [Finished]
  Chat to go {App}   [Work In Progress]

Abandoned :'(:
Nuggeta Extension: for multiplayer online games, Leaderboard, Chat and Inventory
Electrotank Multiplayer Kit (Note: Discontinued)
On-Line Database Extension (

When ever a new multiplayer extension is released I'll add it in. Have fun with the multiplayer extensions :) !

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Okay , I just updated the original post with the new extensions that mdotedot released yesterday. 2 new extensions were added :
1. Network Extension
2.On-line ScoreBoard ( Updated )


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So much thanks to MdotEdot for his hard work providing the entire Stencyl Community Multiplayer Extensions!


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Also just to let everyone know , This New Multiplayer Extension includes all the links listed in the first post  :) !


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Wait we have online Multiplayer Turn-Based and Real-time extensions   :o


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Is it possible to use the google play games implementation of multiplayer?
I'm not really sure how we would go about that but it seems like something many people would desire.


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Added Multiplayer services, the playsurf extension.