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I think the best way to go about it is to download about 10 or 20 scores at a time in chunks, usually starting where the player is and allowing the option to download the next/previous chunk.

If I'd want to see my score I'd want to see me(preferably in the middle of the list), a few other players above and below me, and I'd probably want to know how far away I am from the first/last place.
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hi mdotedot,

yes, my idea is to get about 50 scores before my score and as SadiQ says it's good to know the first .
I think that 50 is a good solution, but as SadiQ says download chucks is a good idea too.

So, what's do you think about it? Is it possible to create a block ? is it simple ?

Thank you mdotedot for your support.


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Hi RulezTeam,

Today I worked on the implementation. I've encountered some problems relating the combination of text,number and time lists.
Also I think it is not something that most people need, so I made an extension seperately from the ' base ' extension.

RulezTeam Scoreboard
* ScoreIndicator
* new score.php for your server (or you can use mine from the free-server)

All the blocks are the same and I added one extra block with which you can get a list that include the previous and next scores of a ' base '  score.

So if your player scored 2300 points you can use that score (2300 ) in the block.
The list will contain the scores before and after the limit-number of items.

Check if you can use this. If not I have to think harder but I spend about 4 to 5 hours already and I fear it will become a too large impact on the code that is there already.

Hopefully it wil be sufficient. We will see.
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Thank you a lot mdotedot.
I'll test this mod asap.