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Online ScoreBoard / LeaderBoard


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This extension is not specific for TurnBased or other type of online gaming.
There is another extension that works pretty much the same but this extension follows the same template as the other multiplayer extensions and should be easier to maintain.

Use at your own risk

Score Extension


Warning: For advanced users!

For publication to:
  • Flash
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Macintosh OSX
  • Windows
Linux not tested.

Example Stencyl files:

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This is an awesome extension! You should leave a PayPal donate button!

Thank you so much MdotEdot! It works fantastic.


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In the past I've been using your Scoreboard -extension. Now I would like to update into latest one:
However, when under 'engine extensions' and 'install extension', when selecting the, nothing happens.
Is there something missing in this zip-file???
(I'm now giving it a try with full multiplay extension download from:,42427.0.html )

I re-zipped the scoreboard directory from the big-package, and now I could install the 'Score' -extension.

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Hi  CabinFever,

You can always unzip the zip in a folder inside the engine-extensions folder. The install extension menu inside Stencyl does pretty much the same.

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Hi M.E.

On IOS9 HTTP server request does not loads by default, only HTTPS.

To get it work on IOS9, users must follow this workaround to get it work on IOS9.

This must be done for all new Games and they have to update there existing Games to get it work on IOS9.

I'am not always on the forum, you can mail me if you have an question.


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how to install the extension