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Hi mdotedot,

I'm trying your extension on latest private build (8543) but it cannot install.

Why ?



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Example works only on 3.2. You have to replace the TextField behavior to the StencylForge 3.3 version


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Hi letmethink,

i've read that example works only on 3.2, but I have installed the extension; mdotedot have publish it last month, so  I think that it should work on 3.3 or 3.4.


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It won't , mdotedot mostly uses 3.2. I have created with mdotedot a Multiplayer Extension All in 1 Pack. It has all the multiplayer extension up to date including the network extension. Download that instead for 3.3. Its easier than to edit all the extensions.

Multiplayer Extension All in 1 Pack :,42427.0.html