Maintaining graphic resolution when exporting to different devices


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How do I maintain the graphic quality when I export games to different screen sizes?

I'm working on 320x480.


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You need to import your graphics in a very large size (normally, x4) and then scale them according to the screen size you are using. Good luck!


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How do I scale the sizes down and have it auto fit the different screen size?


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I created a larger resolution of my character and I want to call it out using code. How do I resize it? Like the background image that I made for my 320x480 game screen. If I imported a larger resolution, the image won't fit my screen. What should I do? Or should I just change my workspace to a bigger work space, say 1280x1920?



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Choose a scale mode in settings, I think most devs  select  Scale to Fit(Full Screen).  This automatically adjusts the amount of scaling depending on the device resolution.  Your 4 x graphics will automatically be scaled down when necessary .

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