[Flash][Beta] The Nameless RPG


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  • 12 Enemies
  • Weapon Upgradesystem
  • Enemy Raritysystem

It is still plain and simple, to test all features for being bug free.
Nameless RPG is a clicker game, with no idle features (yet).
The weapon upgradesystem works a bit different. Always when you buy an upgrade you have a chance to fail or succeed. If you fail, your weapon won't change but the price will decrease. If you succeed your weapon will get stronger and the price will go up.
Yes the first enemy is a bit tough but it will get better with later enemies as the rewards raise with them! Also enemies have a raritysystem. The more rare an enemy is, the more rewards you will get from them. Also they are visually bigger than weaker versions.


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I think you needs to make the game a little easier to start playing. At first I didn't understand what you had to do. There is arrows on both of the sides but I don't know what they do. There is also a little buy button down in the left corner. But I cant click it and I don't understand what you buy when you click it.  I cant see anything on the screen that shows how much  money you have. What is the monetas? If you fix these things i think the game would be much better ;)

I know its bad English but I'm not from England.