kerning of fonts.


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I would like to suggest the option of kerning fonts like in Microsoft Word and other graphic/photo editing softwares. So we can use a custom font and adjust the spacing between each letter under the Fonts window.

Sometimes there are custom fonts with lines appearing at the side and I've come to learn that it's due to the canvas size of the font image and not all custom fonts come with an image in the .zip folder.  Of course we could edit the font image separately, but not everyone knows how to, just like me! Haha! I tried editing mine, but I could not do so and Stencyl keeps telling me that the maximum size is 1024 even though my image is already 600.

Not saying that it is a must to have, but it could definitely ease the comfort for people experiencing the same problem as me. And it could also add to the customised outlook for each custom font to suit each preferences.

Thanks for reading!

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The Drawing Utils Extension by ETHproductions offers - besides other nice functions - a letter spacing function.
It generates a simple "set spacing to {x} for {font}" block in your palette.
Very easy to use.

If you are interested in this function, just go to:,35352.0.html