Tim's Dreams (platformer)


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Some time ago i watched how my seven month old son moving while sleeping and it is inspiring me on creating of this game.
Main hero in this game is my son Timur shortly Tim.
You need to help him to find his toy that was stolen by evil dragon.
Walking on clouds by randomly generated platforms.
Search for coins that hidden in the dirt and under the stones. You can find it if will shoot from your powerful soapbubblethrower...


There is no sound and many things yet.  but I need your opinion about controls, gameplay and graphics to continue the work on this game.

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The biggest problem I see is that the camera sucks. The camera movement is not smooth at all and is really jerky so I recommend sorting that out. Other than that, the game worked fine.


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Yeah, this is serious issue. When playing in browser even on 60 fps, camera moving jerky, this is old stencyl bug, i reported about it many times, but it is not changing.
Anyway, I applied smooth camera and smooth motion behaviors, so it got to became smoother.
Also, probably, I need to make platforms graphics  less sharp. When objects is sharp jerky motion is very noticeable.

The game was updated, please check it.


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The game was updated. please check it.
Changed controls
Added zooming to the scenes
Added Enemies


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Made a runner from the game
Please check it which type is better
platformer http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/31651
runner http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/31702


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I like the platformer version


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Hello 1MrPaul1,

Looks really cool and I enjoyed it a little but I'm terrible at playing games so I started over a lot of times.
I like the animations and the way that it is 'random'.

Keep developing it!

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I prefer the platformer (except for the camera that zoom back and forth with each jump), 'cause you have some sense of exploration, never knowing where will be the next platform.

May I ask you how you achieved the zooming?


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@ Natrium
You just need to download Zoom Scene Behavior from Stencyl Fourge
But do not use high numbers keep it very small like 1.05 for scale up and 0.95 for scale down.

@ mdotedot
Thank you!
Pleasant to hear. will work for make it more fun.
Make platforms randoms was harder than I thought...
@ renegadegamez
many others also likes platformer too.
Do not know what to do. Platformer is worst for mobile but it is really more interesting but runner allows to solve fast many gameplay questions.


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The game is almost ready
Remade the main character.
Added new level.
Made start screen
made icon.
Waited for music track
Got to make shop and world map