Artist looking to collaborate


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Email me at and i might be interested :)
My name is Jason, I live in America, and I am 18 years old

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Well I will be looking to collaborate with a artist for some games over the next few months.

I will be wanting to create a Side Scrolling RPG game after I complete a simple Platform game with a book to learn Stencyl so if you are interested in collaboration with me email me at wayne.rayner or message me on these forums
Regards Wayne Rayner

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Hey, I would like to talk to you about working on a game. Add me on skype and we can talk.

Skype- EliteGamesIndustries


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Hi I am trying to create a 2D game looking from a birds eye view. But i am having trouble trying to create the Actor. help would be much appreciated. he needs to be blocky. and i need him to be able to look in all directions. and walking animations if possible.

Please Help  ;D