Transition graphical issue [video] [Fix: 8470]


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I've just started using Stencyl 2 days ago and things are going quite well. But today i decided to implement scene transitions. I got this draw bug which I can't quite figure out. I haven't messed with drawing functions at all except I've enabled debug drawing and made the mouseX value draw on screen right next to the mouse. I don't quite see how that would make this bug appear. I've tried disabling both the mouseX drawing and debug drawing (one then the other and both). I'm letting the camera follow the player and mouse but I've wrapped that in an if-statement to check for scene transitions so it doesn't occur while the scene is transitioning, it's not the issue. So now I can't really  decide where to search for the problem anymore.

I've attached a video since it's easier than explaining the details of the visual problem. But it's basically that the scene transition doesn't seem to redraw with the gradient I've selected for the scene. Making the windows "solitaire win effect".

I'm also not entirely sure where to post this. Does it belong here or in Ask a question?

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Thanks, gradiant/color background for sliding transitions is fixed in build 8470.