Star and light 2.0 Steam development game


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Star and light 1.0 have been completed by 2012  and put on steam greenlight successfully  thanks to the communauty

Before finishing the release , i want to make a 2.0 version of the 2012 game
It will be a new take on the concept of deathlight puzzle , easier and more modern
I started working on this since a while and now i'm opening this thread to somewhat push me to work harder and faster on this one.

I hope you'll love what i'm bringing on

Star and light 2.0 will be basically a remaster but with a new technique applied on , one technique i never used before
Total Seamless world !

I hope managing to be able to pull this off , i'll ask for some player to try the performances later when i'll have something big

(The pictures you see is the 2012 version : 1.0 )

For the gameplay in 2.0 i'm thinking about Keyboard + action button A and a second action button
On keyboard , what are generally the Keys you use when you have two action button ?

edit 2
Finally there will be one button for actions
You'll hold A or space bar  for the second action ( a shoot wich is stronger and can activate mecanism i guess )

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I let the charge button since it doesnt work fully as i wanted
Now the heroine have one shoot and the ground pound(useless for now)

First visual of the game , star and light 2.0 , the graphics are bad , i'm focused on the gameplay , since it's seamless i have crazy bugs everyday

Framerate drops a lot from time to time
Hope it's my laptop

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So i dont know if it's my computer or else
The game is running badly in my laptop

I'd like some other to run it and tell me if it's fluid or laggy as hell

a new version here
Game is 9 mb and of course it's an early build , but i want to know if the game have good FPS or it's slideshow bad lagging type

More i add content and more it seems lagging

I dont know what to do

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