actors doesn't show only on android


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to use actors as background (so basically their size is bigger than the scene size).
The thing is when I'm running the game on flash everything works fine but when I'm trying running it on android those "background" actors doesn't show...
anyone has an idea what went wrong?

Things I already checked:

*actors are set to "always active"
*I did some printing to checks to see if actor is created and it looks like everything fine.
*it happens on every scaling method I use.

It happened before on old game I've done but only on some specific devices , couldn't solve it back than...looks like the same issue  :(



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Just wondering but why do you have a background actor? Perhaps we can create you a different solution =)


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It reacts with the game,
moving , slide in and out from the side etc'

I believe actors is the easiest way to do it.


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I've had issues with disappearing backgrounds before. I haven't confirmed it, but I suspect one cause could be memory. Try making a version with only 1x resolution. If that solves the problem, then you have the culprit and you can work your way back up to better resolutions, or find a way to reduce the size of the images.


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merrak-  surprisingly it worked! 

so now I need to find a way handle this memory problem
I didn't even think in that direction 
thanks anyway  :-)


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My game works on flash and my brother's android. 
I bought my brother's phone for beta-testing so memory might be the problem (Google Play Console says it is compatible).  On my beta phone, I only see three white dots, but the background and sound is running. 

I will try the Atlas thing and see if it applies to all with the same problems (works on Flash; everything else works except actors is a memory problem)

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