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The uniqe Physic Puzzler with 150 Levels

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Now for free in Google PlayStore: (iOS for Free coming soon !) But you can buy it if you want as an AdFree Version for Android and iOS


Have Fun !

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I downloaded your game. The graphics seem clean and the presentation is good. The graphic style, music and voiceover reminded me of "Wipeout" on the Playstation

I only played up till level 6. It's clear you put a lot of thought into these puzzles.  100+ puzzles is  a huge amount of content to put into a game so kudos for that. I've noticed that not many people buy "ad free" versions. That is something you can research on your own.

I got frustrated pretty quickly since the physics aren't 100% reliable. I also noticed some of the circles move on their own if you wait long enough. It's still a solid game however. The "Aye Aye Aye" sounds hilarious because the robot isn't pronouncing it correctly. I hope the game works out for you! Keep up the good work.


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Thank you so much for your words and for your download !

Yes i know the problem with the physic and the "self rolling Objects!". But what can i do ?  I just use Box2D  But i will try what ever i can to reduce that unwanted effect !

The "Ay ay ay" is a joke from my side. Because i'm "Swiss german"  from Switzerland. And here we say (hey ei ei!)  :-)  The Voice seems to be really special for some people. You re reminded to WipeOut, another guy in another forum  said, he hate the "brazilian voice!!"..... Brazilian ?? WTF !! LOL !!  It is just the synthetic voice from MacOSX as MP3 samples :-)

Thanks again for all and have fun !