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!! Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension !! V7 - Out Soon - All Wrapper blocks


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Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension
for iOS and Android
(extension and game-kit)

Facebook API 2.8   

The best Facebook Extension for Stencyl
for Leaderboard creation and Facebook general use

After the Facebook Ojya Leaderboard Extension
now also the Leaderboard Game has been completed

*** Error free score mechanism ***

Graphically and functionally easy reconfigurable

***Easy to import our leaderboard to your existing game***

Interact with Facebook friends, share levels,scores and bonus.
Advanced offline-online gaming
Design powerful Facebook leaderboards
Using only Facebook server (without paying third party leaderboard servers)

Fully working since January 2015 !

Finally  Facebook OpenGraph Scores   -  Levels/Scores/bonus  share with friends. (Not only score)
This was a wish of  many Facebook Game Developers asked from Facebook and never happened before.
Now all the complex logic mechanism of handling levels and scores is inside a STENCYL behaviour.
(online and offline handling of levels/scores , backup scores, comparing mechanism of local scores and internet scores)

Post Challenge with 4 options :  Custom Image inside Stencyl runtime , Screenshot, URL, load from file.
Please consider the sample game as a help to build your own leaderboard using the Extension or modificate ours for your needs

As you may know games like Candy Crash or many other games have these success not only for the game play but because users challenge friends with the facebook , sending helps and posting scores. And of course you may see a map of your friends score on your leaderboard.
This is a work of 8 months. Started first as an html facebook project in Steptember 2014 but than decided to make only an native extension for ios and android.
As you many know attempts were made in the past with no results.
The extension now has all the features a game developer could ask, for making a powerful leaderboard and connect all players together.
Of course you can use this extension only to post on Facebook timeline Images and info, without using the leaderboard part in your game

Now you can:  1.  Install your application and Login in facebook with the publish and read permissions, so you
                                      can post scores, retreive information of your facebook friends.
                                      THE MOST IMPORTANT for gaming !

                                 2.  Get the json-list of scores of your friends that play the game.

                                 3.  Make facebook apprequest , meaning  ask, give and accept bonus like lifes, stars etc.

                                 4.  Challenge friends and posting score,images and information on their facebook timeline.
                                                     4 methods: Custom image , Screenshot, file image, URL.

                                 5.  There is also, above the specific blocks of certain Facebook functions,  a general block that
                                      you can write your own facebook graph api action  in stencyl.

                                 6.  And last the NEW Open Graph Level Scores with a logic mechanism build inside Stencyl.
                                               a. Create for first time  or update existing level-scores in Facebook server.
                                               b. Save all the scores also in local device.
                                               c. Play the game and post scores offline if there is no connection, and post later
                                                                  when the user is connected.
                                               d. Compare and join the scores of the local devices and server scores with an
                                                                  option if the user wants to keep only the highest score of that level.
                                                e. With the level and scores you can post also bonus achievement that
                                                                    your friends can see. - ex: Level 1 with (Score:2000 Bonus:20)
                                                f. Error-free score mechanism and advanced off line gaming that understands
                                                                 every possible game condition, no internet, slow response, multiple attempts of
                                                                 getting the response etc...
                                                g. Two leaderboard Maps. One for each level where the Facebook user's icon follow the
                                                                   path , and one map with all the levels of the game.

Above the facebook OjyaLB blocks i wanted all of you to have not only the extension but a real game leaderboard so i included with the extension also a sample game.
So you can test facebook connection and the leaderboard as soon as you create ofcourse a facebook application on facebook developer site.

The setup with the latest Facebook API 2.8 is really plug and play . Only 3 attributes.

In the game there are also blocks and code that you will find really useful for your games. It is a work of months!
The extension will have a code,password that will be sent with an email to you and with a link to download the extension.
Inside the zip file you get,  is described in details how OjyaLeaderboard works in every step.
The extension is tested with the latest Stencyl  3.4.0 build 9300
Tested with latest Facebook API v2.8                                                                                             Version 6c
Compatible with iOS 10 and Android                                                                                                45 euros
I will support the extension ofcourse and will be updated often.                     

Thanks you and good developing with Stencyl!                                           
Ojya Games

Please visit our site to get the extension and the game, and for details of how to use it.
Youtube :
Youtube Post Challenge new version :

Define the Facebook App :
Import game Kit :
Play the Game Kit V5 :


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ohh, this is pretty awesome! I've been waiting for an extension like this for a long time. I also think it's fair to charge a fee for the extension you've put a lot on effort on this and the instructions seem good. I'm also making a "puzzle" type of game that would benefit a lot from this. I hope you can keep the extension up to date, I will purchase it in a few weeks time. Good job and massive thanks


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Indie Game Developer.


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We are making some updates. Wait for the site again


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Great work ! But in IMO functions like this, should be absolute basic standards and should be delivered with Stencyl native ! anyway, GREAT WORK thanks for your effort !! Will follow your project and buy !


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Yes i know. I waited a long for a Facebook extension like this and i had to do it my self at the end.
 My cousin was developing our game to come out soon and i was developing the Facebook part.
Yes i think from Stencyl was missing a feature like this.

In a few minutes site will be updated.......   


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Great work, just out of curiosity.

With which SDK version did you develop this extension?
And what did you update?

I'am not always on the forum, you can mail me if you have an question.


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Hello, i think it was  SDK 3.22  for both iOS and Android. I compiled the files 6  months ago.
And is tested with Facebook Apps until  APIv2.4 the latest.
I made some updates inside the game and the site.


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This is really awesome!
Will this be able to share score on FB with screenshot like the Simple Share ext?

Awesome job!


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ATTENTION: Old version of challenge.
Yes you can share scores but not a screenshot , but images from you game website.(images of level's number , achievements etc.- just create a image library for that scope, a page hide from the users)
You can also tag friends and the photo can have an url link, lets say to appstore or playstore(so promote your game to other friends.)
All this WITHOUT writing manually the message or tagging  your friends.(you configure all inside stencyl !)
The image of the post can be as large as you want. Can fill up as width all the screen of your device
(but i am thinking to integrate a feature like this , a user made image inside Stencyl ,only for Facebook. )

See how you post a preconfigured challenge to a friend.

And the challenge is like

This is the icon of the game but you can put a larger image that takes all the width of the mobile screen, maybe saying " YEAH i Beat You !!"

New update.  New post challenge.  Custom Images

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Hello, i think it was  SDK 3.22  for both iOS and Android. I compiled the files 6  months ago.
And is tested with Facebook Apps until  APIv2.4 the latest.
I made some updates inside the game and the site.

Ok just same advice, update to 3.24 or 4.6 in order to support IOS9.

Maybe a version history, for the updates you make. So the users know what you update.

Its just a advice

I'am not always on the forum, you can mail me if you have an question.


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Hi Robin,
and thanks for the advice.

I just updated Facebook IOS SDK   to 3.24 !!!!

Perfect functional.

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Thanks so much for putting it up. I wonder whether the extension may stop working if Facebook APIs are updated. Is that true?
If I helped you at anytime, help me back build my twitter followers :)