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!! Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension !! V8 - Game Analytics - API 2.10


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Thanks Paul,
Another Stencyl developer using Facebook told me this 1 year ago, but he solved it at the end.  Didn't told me how. Maybe he had to prove that the app is working, as you did.
Anyway, this is a thing that happens to Stencyl games and i wrote also to Stencyl stuff if they can wide-support Android APK Stencyl on simulators on MacOS.
What this means:
ON MACOS - Testing APK in simulators
OjyaLeaderboard for Stencyl using MACOS and different simulators Android AVD, Bluestacks gives the BLACK-SCREEN but the game is fully functional.
OjyaLeaderboard for Unity3D works great on all Android simulators on MACOS.
You can solve how? RUNNING Bluestacks,Andyroid  or Android AVD using Windows-Parallels or any virtualisation in MACOS.

So this is a Stencyl issue known. So you have to use real devices or use the above method.

ON WINDOWS - Testing APK in simulators
Stencyl - OjyaLeaderboard works on windows android simulators with no problem.

ANSWER:  A big number of facebook reviewers, and this is a confirmed information, are using MACs with Android Simulators.
Stencyl APK games unfortunately have this issue(black screen),  instead other game engines, like Unity3D, are not having this problem with their APK games.

For Facebook app review the game developer must specify to test the game on windows OS using android simulators or at real devices, but not on MacOS.

Screenshots below: OjyaLeaderboard Stencyl(black screen) with Bluestacks on MacOS -issue
OjyaLeaderboard Unity3D , using Bluestacks on MacOS - works
OjyaLeaderboard Stencyl using Bluestacks in Parallels-Windows - works

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Ojya Leaderboard version 7e
New update for the Extension only to version 7f

This is a minor update. Introduced the 'OjyaLB ShowLogs' block.
From now on, the OjyaLeaderboard Extension, for Haxe code, Java and Objective C will have the Ojyaleaderboard Logs off by default. If you want to enable the logs just use the above block set to TRUE before 'OjyaLB FB AppID' block.

Visit our site Ojya Leaderboard for the new feature of version 7f (Section Use of the Extension)


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Ojya Leaderboard version 7e
Working with Facebook Android SDK3 and SDK4
Only for advanced users

Information about the unique work in OjyaLeaderboard for Facebook SDK4 - Version 8 upcoming.

OjyaLeaderboard extension for Android uses the boolletproof Facebook SDK3.x.
This SDK integrates best with game engines like Stencyl and others that you don't use code, as it doesn't creates activities for Facebook dialogs etc.
A new activity on Android will stop the main game activity, so sound and animation will stop when a Facebook dialog opens.
Using the Facebook SDK3 all the dialogs are integrated in the game as one thing. No pausing occurs.
Instead  this will not happen with SDK4, as it creates more activities.
(The Facebook dialogs OjyaLeaderboard uses are the Gamerequests Dialogs - used for the sharing bonus actions.)

Thats why  Facebook still keeps operating the  SDK3.
The best choice for a game designer is Facebook Android SDK3.

But OjyaLeaderboard extension has a second version with Android Facebook SDK4.
This doesn't add any new feature in respect of SDK3.

OjyaLeaderboard with some modification on the Activities of SDK4 and Stencyl Android GameActivity, is now the ONLY Facebook add-on for a game engine that DOESN'T stop the activities.
So every Facebook dialog opened in the Stencyl game will not pause the main activity of Stencyl... so animations and sounds will continue.
Extensive tests are made in the extension using dialogs opened, pausing the game and resuming with android stop button, backbutton, resuming on the icon application and also on expose.

So i am happy to say that OjyaLeaderboard with Android Facebook SDK4 is maybe the ONLY Facebook solution with that feature, difficult to find in other game-engines in the market.

Of course we will continue using the SDK3 as it is the most reliable for gaming, but with the option to use the SDK4 if the developer wants to.

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Ojya Leaderboard version 7e
Extension version 7f

The current version of OjyaLeaderboard is compatible also with Facebook API 2.10 , released these days.
No need for further update.

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Ojya Leaderboard version 8
Facebook API 2.10
* Released *

New OjyaLeaderboard V8 with facebook iOS and Android SDK4
Facebook Game Analytics

This is a great update leaving the OjyaLeaderboard game unchanged but focusing in the extension.
The extension is updated to OjyaLeaderboard5 but we provide also the old OjyaLeaderboard4.

OjyaLeaderboard5 - Facebook iOS SDK4 , Facebook Android SDK4 , Game Analytics
OjyaLeaderboard4 - Facebook iOS SDK4, Facebook Android SDK3, Game Analytics

- Stencyl with OjyaLeaderboard V8 using Facebook Android SDK4 is maybe one of the few game engines that not stops the main activity when Facebook activities SDK4 are executing, like share dialogs etc.  A great feature for gaming and seamless integration of Facebook with your game.
Facebook iOS SDK4 and Android SDK3 didn't had this type of "issue". For example Unity3D with Unity-FacebookSDK stops the main activity and other game engines with Facebook android SDK4

- Plus with this update, with Facebook game analytics for your game you can have an idea about installations, game launches new users and other events per day or month about your game in almost realtime.
There is also no need the user to execute a login for this feature. Just use the 'OjyaLB FB' block once.

(last update of 4-SEP-2017 : now we have Facebook analytics on both Ojyaleaderboard extension 4 and 5 for both iOS, android.)

Just select the extension OjyaLeaderboard 4 or 5. The blocks inside the game are identical.

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