!! Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension !! V10 - Facebook API 3.0 - RELEASED


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Ojya Leaderboard version 10
Facebook API 3

Facebook Server host score
or Sql-database score

OjyaLeaderboard V10 is released !  With the most vast update ever made, after facebook API 3.0.

- Functionality remains the same as before.
- Developer can choose 2 methods for the score hosting. Facebook server(as before) or the new SQL-Database
- Clever mechanism that will transfer the scores made from facebook server using API 2.9 to the new score mechanism.
   In case the developer has published the game just.
- Post to timeline , challenge and game celebration now has more information, like title, description,game name and link.
- Post to timeline now requests an ftp server for generating custom images with full text information.
- Easy setup for the whole leaderboard , facebook part, ftp and SQL.
- New PDF 'OjyaLeaderboard V10 Install' for step by step guide to install and setup OjyaLeaderboard.

With this update OjyaLeaderboard not only solved many facebook API 3.0 depreciations, but became even better.
Introducing also the sql score hosting, now you have complete control of your leaderboard , without the risk to break the functionality with feature updates or depreciations.
For using all the functions of OjyaLeaderboard V10, you need to have a web-hosting(ftp,sql) and of course a facebook app, as before.

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Full text detailed autogenerated image and clickable . API 3.0

Game celebration post . API 3.0