!! Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension !! V10c - Stencyl 3.5 - RELEASED


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Hi, I'm really interested in buying this extension,  can you tell me how much control I get over the fonts used/position/ appearance of the pop ups?


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the popups i use are pngs , Stencyl image instances, with the description just written. So you can just create it using illustrator, photoshop or other graphic application.
Are located inside the 'extras' folder of the game.
So, you have complete control on changing the aspect and the text.
Example: If you want for a certain popup to change the aspect and the text, create one you like , even with different size, but use the same name of the png located in the 'extras folder'.

Or if you prefer you can create a blank popup and use Stencyl fonts, using Stencyl's block 'Draw Text on Image'. Where Image is your png-popup in the 'extras' folder.
 In that way will be more dynamically the text.

The buttons are actors.

There is also a custom block that generates the popup with the selected buttons you like automatically, positioning the popup in the right middle position of the screen even i f you change the size of the popup.
So, i created some blocks to save time when changing the popup, without strangeling  to calculate again the X and Y position on the screen.
There is one custom block that creates all the popups the game uses, except those posting to facebook game.celebrate opengraph story and challenging other players posting to facebook timeline.

Automatic popup dialog creation custom block with slide effect and actor-buttons

Priority has the top margin, but will never slide down so to cover the buttons. This is defined by the bottom margin.
So everything is calculated and will work fine even if you change the size of the png popup.

Then, to close the popup there is a custom block inside Ojyaleaderboard behaviour named: 'closefbpopup'

The trigger 'PopupDialog' defines and executes 4 popups you see using Ojyaleaderboard.( Asking permissions, no internet connection, no user data found and prompts to connect in internet, creating scores first time)

This is a complete dialog creation and opening in just 3 blocks.

This is a complete dialog creation with blank popup and text dynamically defined inside Stencyl

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Great, that really clears thing up for me! I will definitely be buying this in the near future.