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!! Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension !! V7 - Out Soon - All Wrapper blocks


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Ojya Leaderboard Version 5e update
Compatible with Facebook latest API 2.7 - iOS and Android
Tested with iOS 10 and Xcode 8
Stencyl 3.4 beta5

Bug fixes at the stencyl game-kit
Better performance on designing the leaderboard
Better JsonParse code custom block
Minor bug fixes
Overall optimization for speed and stability

Minor update to the main stencyl extension 'OjyaLeaderboard 2'
Logging system update for Xcode 8

New option adding stars on designing the leaderboard map levels.
Each level can display from 1 to 3 facebook highest score users.

The best Facebook Stencyl Extension for creating powerful leaderboards and also for Facebook general use.


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Ojya Leaderboard Version 5e update

This update is the most extensive update on the game-kit ever made.
Optimization has been made in all the code for speed and stability.
Every playable situation of the Facebook user has been taken in consideration online and offline, multiple players using the same device and also one player using different devices.
Every score post has it's timestamp and also options of the game to preserve the highest score done for each level, the same also with the bonus.
This is the most complex complete score mechanism for Facebook ever made that resides inside an application.
Although, this is a plug and play. You just only need to tell each time what level, score and bonus the user played. The rest will handle our game-kit.

Said that, this update Version 5e of our OjyaLeaderboard Game-Kit has an 'error free' score mechanism.
As the game-kit is made by behaviors every future update from now on will be made and installed easily just by importing only the updated behavior.

Ready to use it , in all your games , by changing of course the graphics this is a great game-kit for your development.
Please, visit our site for how to use the Game-Kit or just only the Facebook Extension and it's blocks.

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Ojya Leaderboard v5e

- Web Site Updates -

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Ojya Leaderboard version 6
Compatible with Facebook API 2.8

A great update was made today for the Ojya Leaderboard, to version 6.
  • Full support for Facebook API 2.8.
  • Extensive update of many functions at the native code for iOS and Android
  • Updates in the game-kit to support Facebook API 2.8
  • Plug and play by setting only 3 attributes in the game-kit.

Note that Ojya Leaderboard has also an advanced off-line score mechanism. Understands every possible situation so you will continue to play and post scores even if not connected in internet.

Graph API 2.8.  As you may know Facebook after years removed the custom open graph actions and objects.
In that way left developers to only use the standard objects.
OjyaLeaderboard with version 6 is prepared right now for the next step of OpenGraph.

Inside the zip file you get,  there are instructions in detail of how OjyaLeaderboard works in every step.

current version is v6b

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Awesome work! I can't wait to start playing with it very soon


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Thank you ! And happy new year.


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I'll definitely be getting this soon!


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Ojya Leaderboard version 6
Compatible with Facebook API 2.8

Ojya Leaderboard is compatible with the latest release of Stencyl 3.4 build 9300


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Ojya Leaderboard version 6c
Compatible with Facebook API 2.8

Major update v6c is released
Full  Unicode support for foreign languages, displaying the users' name.
Bypasses the font mechanism of Stencyl and brings full support of Unicode with external ttf fonts.
Much better draw text mechanism than Stencyl's.

European languages, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and many others with just one font ttf.

Plus, a lot of improvements on the code.

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Ojya Leaderboard version 7
Unicode support

Major update v7 coming soon ...

New Facebook call mechanism, extension blocks with wrappers.
Cleaner block interface inside Stencyl !
Master your Facebook callbacks with easy.

Preference extension block for the wrapper behaviour.
Advanced error-free control of the Facebook callbacks.
(retry after sec , attempts and unblock wrapper after seconds of idle)

Celebrate OpenGraph Story post block.

Example of use in our game: Pressing your image profile you post the celebrate story.
Pressing on friends image profile you post the challenge.

14 Facebook extension wrapper blocks with one common  Callback Settings block.

Celebrate Story with small image. Selectable also with large image

Original post challenge function. 'I beat you' or 'I am After you' if score is lower

Stay tuned ...!

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