How's this look?


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Some (hopefully constructive) criticisms:
I don't think it looks very cohesive, it seems like everything has different styled outlines. The outlines and the colours should probably be more consistent with whether it's an object or a piece of background. Personally I don't like the look of computer-generated curves but that just a personal preference I suppose.


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It looks really good to me. I do have a couple of concerns.

1. Color selection on the character - he's kind of blue-green right? And the sky is blue and the ground (as well as some background elements) is green. I'm concerned that he might blend in too much. I'd recommend a more contrasting color, but I've not seen the current style in motion, so there's no telling if it's really necessary or not.

2. Everything is really curvy... except for the tiles. Those corners on the ground are really sharp, even 3-5 pixels of curve on the corner (not enough to make collision difference, just visual) would help it I think. That probably means you'll need to create the inside corners as well. The dark outline on "solid" objects is a great idea to differentiate between background elements and "things", so I'd keep that for sure.

3. Floating dirt blocks aren't that unusual in video games, so it's not odd to see it - but perhaps you could make solid clouds to use also/instead to add some variety and interest to the sky?
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