Can we really publish to STEAM ?


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some minutes ago i found the following text in another Thread here in Stencyl's forum

The game was greenlit on steam

Now my question:

Can we really publish to STEAM with Stencyl ? 

In which format ? (Windows / Mac / Both)

I had a Email conversation with the guys from G.O.G. (Good old games), but they can't publish Stencyl Stuff.  But STEAM can do this ?


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A number of games have been greenlit on steam already. Why can't Stencyl games be published with G.O.G.?

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Windows, Mac, Linux build can be published to Steam.
There are already a few Stencyl's games been Greenlit for a while now.

There's no stopping you to publish it on Steam, even on GoG.
I think there might be a miscommunication somewhere.

If I'm not mistaken what they don't accept is flash, unless its wrap into an executable.
I don't see why you need to publish to flash anyway, since native build is much faster.


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Thanks for your answers !  That is a great "news" for me ! and i will re-read the Emails from GOG again :-)


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"...they don't accept is flash, unless its wrap into an executable."

How does someone wrap a flash game into an executable? Does this mean purchasing the Indie Edition of Stencyl and then publishing the game for Windows?

I actually use the free version so I'm just able to publish to flash.


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Does anyone have experience with releasing on G.O.G.?
Is suited better (for specific genres maybe)?

Any thouhgts?