Good way for EXP->Level?


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just wanted to ask, what is your way to when you create an EXP and Levelsystem?
I am currently experimenting different ways, but they all feel quite clumsy and not handy enough...


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well, one way would be to have specified lvl up requirement. THen when lvl up is reached, set requirement to current xp x 1,5, and set current xp to 0. Also, set a value of level to level + 1. Works for me


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Another way is to create a mathematical formula with adjustable parameters that determine the EXP needed to the next level.
PM me if you require help.  I'm always glad to help out!


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The equation I use is:

E is experience needed to level.
L is the current level.
B is a base experience so level 1 isn't 0.
G is a gaining value per level.
C is a depth of the curve per level.

E = L * ( L * G ) * ( L * C ) + B

It looks like this on a graph when filled out.

So when the player's current experience amount is greater than the result of this equation, increase the level by one and reset the experience to zero. Hope that makes it simple enough. Math can be scary :/