Golden Bay [iOS & Android] - Out Now!


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Golden Bay [iOS & Android]

Hello everyone, I want to introduce my new game, developed for Studio360, the 3D graphic studio where I work for about 10 years, that finally enters the world of games dev.
The game is a puzzle / memory game, the gameplay is simple and fast.
The goal is  escape from Kraken, the legendary sea monster, completing sequences of objects that randomly, the ship's captain will show us.
The objects are hidden by red caps, which when clicked, will display objects or traps that will make the game harder.
You can unlock bonus moves and score multipliers, accumulating coins during gameplay.
It was hard work, long about 3 months full time.
The most challenging project I've ever done with stencyl.
The graphics were created by a cartoonist who has become part of our team.


Gameplay video:

Game features:
-in App purchases
-iAd, Chartboost and Admob
-Rewarded Videos
-Game Center and Google Play Leaderboard
- Multilanguage: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch.

Apple Store:

Google Play:

Have a nice day

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I wish you all the best with your product ! It looks verry professional !  Also the Trailer and the Graphix ! It has a quality ! GREAT !


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Seems amazing, congrats Riki! :)

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Oh wowowow! This is amazing! Great work. I was hoping I could talk to you about something, so if you send me a Skype friend request, that'd be great!

Skype- EliteGamesIndustries


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Beautiful artwork. I wish a very good luck.
If I helped you at anytime, help me back build my twitter followers :)


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Thank you all, guys!
The official release date is October 15, 2015!


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Good luck! Your artwork looks amazing


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Very nicely done, like the boom sound and screen shake in the trailer too.
Website: Satch
Twitter: @satchapps.


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Hey Guys!
Here's a  gameplay video of Golden Bay!
-3 days to release!


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Looks like fun, look forward to trying it


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