The Witness


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I've just noticed a great deal of coverage starting to crop up everywhere on this game. I guess it's getting ready to launch sometime early next year. Disregarding anything about the creator Jonathan Blow (he and Phil Fish seem to have polarizing personalities); what does everyone thing of the game itself? I guess it's a puzzle game where you draw lines (the launch announcement trailer showed some examples) according to some yet-undetermined ruleset. It looks really intriguing and I'd love to play a really good puzzler so I'll be spending some time avoiding spoilers on it I think.
I like the look of it too.
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yeah I'm interested to see what they have been working on, I also saw it will be coming to iPad after the PS4 launch.


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Definitely an exciting release isnt it. Im going to get it on PC.

Honestly dont know how guys like Jonathan Blow spend 7 years working on one game! Fair play is all I can say.
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I think anything Jonathan Blow touches is a must-play. He has an incredible grasp on game design and he goes out of his way to respect the time and intelligence of those who play his games.


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Yeah the game looks wicked, just watched the trailer. The graphics have a nice cartoon / colourful vibe going on. Definitely will play it when it comes out :)


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I am really excited for this game. It's high-time someone brought Myst into the next-gen era. This game might be the reason I get a PS4....


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I think The Witness might be one of the best games I've ever played so far


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I still don't know what to think about this game but well, I'm enjoying it though.