Do OpenFL works fine with Stencyl on the same computer?


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Hi, I want to try OpenFL but I have a ongoing project with Stencyl which leaded me to think if there would be any problem to run them both on same computer since Haxe 3.2 starts setup script with removing other Haxe builds. I'm using Xubuntu 14.04 64-bit. Should I try? Would it make any affect on Stencyl?


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I used OpenFL before installing Stencyl, and Stencyl rendered Haxe useless. I did however, manage to track the problem to two files in your User directory. Apparently stencyl install/replace the two files. Stencyl did create a backup, however. I expect the original Haxe install can be recovered by editing or reinstate the original of the files.

Haven't tested this, though. I haven't had the reason to.
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