Looking for iOS testers. (Takes 5 mins).


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Hey guys and gals,

I am getting into the testing phase of my game. I am looking for iOS testers.  I do not have a tester for:

iPodTouch 5th Gen,
iPodTouch 6th Gen,
iPad 2,
iPad 3rd Gen,
iPad 4th Gen,
iPad Air,
iPad Air 2,
iPad Mini 1,
iPad Mini 2,
iPad Mini 3,
iPad Mini 4.

I am curious as to if anybody would want to help me test it, provide feedback, criticism, offer suggestions and/or help with anything that you feel needs improvement.

If you have any of the above devices, and would like to help me test, please let me know.  I can have it on your device in the next 5 minuets.  All that is needed from you is to download the Application "Test Flight".  Then I also need an email address that you can open from that device.  Ill send you the build, You accept it in the email, it will immediately take you to test flight where the app will begin to download.  Easy as that! 

You can send me feedback through the app "Test Flight", or you can send it to me on the forums, or even email me your thoughts and suggestions at Greenfordgames@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance to anybody who is willing to help me.  Ill  be checking back here often so I can get it to you as fast as possible.

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If you would like, I can post this on my own pages and on a friends who is a reviewer with quite an amount of followerd  let me know!


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That would be great! I am also looking for YouTube and Written reviews as soon as the testing phase is over.  Still have some polishing and a few bugs to fix right now!  But any exposure is awesome!


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I'll like to be added - brandonhuynh52@gmail.com
Running on iPod 5th Gen

iPod 5, I can test through TestFlight, get on Skype and message me and we can talk.


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iPad Air 2 here, pm me for email?