Pixelantasy Theme – FREE Pixel Art Sprites Assets

Only your imagination is the limit. Use these beautiful FREE Pixel Art assets to create the game and share your story to the world. Any character can be the main character in this theme! Why not use a princess or a dragon as the main character to battle your way through this epic fantasy theme – Pixelantasy.

24 Assets in Total:
  • 7 Characters with Animations (Sizes: 64×64 to 96×96 Pixels)
  • 5 Weapons (Sizes: 32×23 to 48×48)
  • 4 Backgrounds (Sizes: 1920×1080 and 2048×1536)
  • 1 Tile Set (Size: 32×32)
  • 7 Bonus Assets (Size: 32×32)

Link: Pixelantasy Theme – FREE Pixel Art Sprites Assets

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Too bad it's not for commercial use, they look really great.
PM me if you require help.  I'm always glad to help out!