How To Be A Gent

Max Finch

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Max Finch

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How to be a gent was published a few weeks ago, but I didn't plan on posting it on the forums until the Armorgames version was published.

Basically you play as Henry, your main goal is to help henryette get to each portal by different means of blowing up and becoming a block. It's a short and cute little game and I hope you enjoy it :)


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Again another masterpiece.

I think you could have a little easier in the beginning. Level 2 was quite unforgiving.

As always I love the in-game instructions and cute and well polished look!

Hope it does well for you!

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Loving the game so far.
A small bug, if you spam the down key before the guy spawns, he will drop a hat and be born with another hat, followed by the lady. Then you can control both of them at the same time..


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Very attracting game. Graphics, animation and music are nice.
I stuck on level 5.

Good luck! Keep on!


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Cool Game :) ! I played it yesterday , fun and addicting game ! Nice Work :) !


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Very nice! The mechanic was cool. Level 3 was really hard, trying to blast across the canyon.