How do you un-install an extension


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Trying to un-install the Vungle extension. Any notes on how to un-install extensions?

Reason I am un-installing it is that Google is going to block all games that contain this extension as it hasn't been updated and contains a security vulnerability.

It's not enough to "disable" the extension and removing the vungle blocks from the game, as I am getting log errors.
Need to remove it completely.


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Check if file /stencylworks/games/your_project_name/game.xml contains line something like that:
  <e enabled="false" id="Vungle"/>

Sometimes even if you remove extension is still writen in that game file.  Dont mess to much with editing that file otherwise you can broke your game.


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That doesn't work. I would like to know which files to delete or edit to completely remove the vungle extension.
Its popping up in the log viewer with errors


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Go in to your workspace ( Debug > View> View Workspace)  , then your file explorer should pop up and you should go to  stencylworks>engine -extensions , and delate the extensions you want to delate by right clicking its folder and selecting " delate".