App developer for IOS. Very easy to develop app


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I am looking for a developer to develop me an IOS application which involves no artwork and two simple mechanics. It may also need a time count. The app should not take long to develop and is very easy to make. However since this should be an easy app compared to others, I would like someone to develop the app for me for free. Hopefully you can develop the app for me for experience as I am not in the position to pay a developer ,yet will like this simple app to be developed. So if you would like some experience- or would just like to develop the app for the fun of it( It is incredibly simple- even more simpler than flappy bird) please contact me on this email address:
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What are the two mechanics? I have a lot of fun making game mechanics and would certainly do it for free.

I would only make the mechanics for free. Uploading to the apple app store is a very unpleasant experience. I could send you the .stencyl file, but that is as far as I'll go :)