Chances of updating stencyl breaking my game


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I been having a lot of glitches and crashes using my current version(3.2 I believe) and I was wondering if I were to upgrade to the current version(3.3) what are the chances of it rendering my game unusable?



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Pretty low, but it doesn't hurt to make a backup just in case. I'd recommend updating to the 3.4 beta.
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I've yet to have an update render a game unusable, but there are times where you may have to update individual extensions and rework some logic in game for those extensions.  Especially coming from 3.2.  After 3.2 almost all upgrades have been very smooth.  If you aren't using any custom extensions you probably don't have anything to worry about, but like Justin said always make a backup first.

I have atached my log to it please check and solve my problem

I have attached log

I have attached log