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Hello Everybody,

I've been playing around a bit in Stencyl lately and thought I'd see if I can make a fully functioning platformer game. Anyways, I thought Id post a few videos of my progress so far.

Sample #1 -
Sample #2 -
Sample #3 -
Random Event - Earthquake -

For different degrees of difficulty, I have included the ability to modify the characteristics of the player based on skill points and completely customize him via a menu. These are speed, size, jump height, slowing down/sliding speed, wall sliding speed and wall jumping height. I've also included some other features, i.e. wherever you die you do leave a little angel :)

I've also incorporated "random" events, i.e. as shown in the "earthquake" video above. My goal is to incorporate quite a few of these.

The first 20 levels are nearly complete, just need to be touched up here and there. A few other style levels for other "worlds" need to have their graphics done.  I've also coded several enemies that are not shown here (i.e. gun turrets, laser turrets, evil "platforms", etc).

I've tried to make a random level generator, this would allow unlimited plays, however I've only had partial success. Hopefully this is something that I can revisit at a later stage, I'm absolutely definite a valid algorithm exists. I'm currently mulling something over in my mind that I'm pretty sure will work, unfortunately its the last thing on my to-do list right now.

Anyways, any feedback would be much appreciated.


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Great start.

It looks way to difficult for m.e.
The player looks a bit small but you might be publishing to a larger screen than the videos show.

Have fun with the random events and the level generator!

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I've got an updated gameplay video / trailer below. A lot of work still needs to be done but I've progressed quite a bit on the free time I've had to work on this.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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After several months, I am almost complete my first game, Run The Gamut.

You can see my "final" trailer here:
(I do say "final" because I hope I won't be dissatisfied with it tomorrow and decide to change it. oh god do I hate iMovie!!)

The game is a skill based platformer and includes:
- 3 worlds, 100 levels and an additional secret world with 5 levels.
- casual, hardcore and ultra mode.
- customizable character on ultra mode.
- collectible on each level that acts as a score multiplier.
- 20 random events.

Where I am now in development:
- levels 1-85 are 100% complete and tested.
- levels 85 - 95 are complete but need some polish and need to be tested.
- levels 95-105 I have the levels sketched out.
- all menus, saving, etc mechanics are complete except that I need enable the controller to navigate the menus.
- and my biggest problem, I need music.

What I must Undo -
I implemented in-game achievmements. i.e. 1000 deaths, 10,000 points etc, but I am not satisfied with the overall effect. I'm considering going back and reverse engineering it out of my code.

What I would like to do but must first research better -
I would also like to incorporate an option in the settings to switch from full-screen to windowed mode, but I haven't been able to get it to scale properly in windowed mode.

As a side note, I spent a lot more time doing the menu's (i.e. multiple save/load game files options, including customizable controller and customizable keyboard controls. etc) and the HUD display (tracking level deaths, total deaths, time etc) then I would have liked. A couple bugs that I wasted a lot of time trying to fix are now patched in the updated versions of Stencyl. I might go back and re-implement some of the mechanics that I disabled because I couldn't get it to work (i.e. a turret that shoots disappearing blocks which you use to go across the level).

If anybody feels like it, when I'm done, I would love a beta tester or two to try to break it and find bugs or feedback on difficulty. Overall I *hope* i've been thorough enough with my testing.

As a first game, I think this particular undertaking was quite complex and challenging. For my next project I will aim to do something very simple (and hopefully quick!!!)

As a question, how difficult is it to compile for Linux, and is it worth the time? Also, would I have to re-test my game to check for any possible bugs on a linux compile? (The same question goes for Stencyl updates. If I update my Stencyl to the latest private build, would I have to thoroughly re-test for possible new bugs? Personally, I believe I would.)

P.S. I guess this thread should be in "Journals".

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Very cool!  You put a ton of work into that!  Very creative obstacles and scenes.  Where are you going to put it?  Let us know how it does.