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[IOS/Android] Heyzap advertising (Interstitial & Rewarded Video) 2.9.1


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Ok cool. Got it :D

So I have followed what you have said, and It has come up with another error :S

Looks like it might be the same one, but I'm not sure. Still saying 'Dexer' amongst  the errors.

You still have two Heyzap jar files and some old fyber jars.

1) Go to ../stencylworks/engine-extensions/heyzap/dependencies/heyzap/libs/
2) Delete: heyzap-unified-platform-10.2.0.jar, fyber-admob-9.4.0-r2.jar and fyber-hyprmx-4.0.1-r3.jar
3) You now have only heyzap-ads-sdk-9.10.1.jar inside the libs folder
4) Clean project (very important) and run it

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Awesome! Thanks guys for that! That seemed to have worked!

There was only one Jar file within that extension (which is the one you have mentioned above). However, I believe what fixed it was 'clean project'. That is a life saver.

Moral of the story; always clean projects, especially after an extension update :)

Thanks guys!