[Android] [Universal] Sector G-2900B Out on Google play


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When  a routine mission in sector G-2900B of the "Chalybeous" Galaxy...

When on a routine mission in sector G-2900B of the "Chalybeous" Galaxy you get attacked by a unknown enemy you've never encountered before!They aimed for your cannons and made a direct hit, making it malfunction.

You have no control over it any longer!

There's not much you can do about it at this point and you know you won't survive this for long, but take out as many as possible before you die! Make them regret attacking you!

Collect fuel or as they call it "Coins" to stay in the game, you don't want to run out of fuel do y

Simply place and hold your finger on the screen to control your ship, back button to pause/resume game play.
Back button to pause/unpause

Sorry for the huge screenshots!

Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+,  Galaxy Note 2  and on a Galaxy Note Tab 8.4.  Should be working just fine on any screen though,  feedback would be appreciated as well.

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