How long would it take to draw 50 or so melee weapons?


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This would include animations for the weapons as well.

I'm asking this because I plan on hiring an artist later on when my game is closer to being complete, and I want to know if 50 weapons would be completely unreasonable. I'm not an artist so I have no idea what the difficulty and time per weapon would be. If it would be unreasonable, I'd want to reduce the number of types of weapons now before I actually code them all in.

They would be basic, pixel weapons, two dimensional. Something like this, only animated. The style could be different, but the general idea is to be pixelated.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, I didn't really know whether this should be put in questions or art.


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It is my opinion that fifty well-sprited weapons plus good attacking/moving animations is not very reasonable nor feasible to get done in a timely manner. If it was a team of artists it wouldn't be too out of boundaries but I'd still wonder if it is worth the effort put in.


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I think its a little unreasonable to want to do 50 melee weapons. Why would you need that many? What is this game that you want to make?  It would be good to know this information to make a better judgement. I can assure you, no artist would want to animate that many weapons in even a simple style unless you paid him or her a substantial amount. Animating is very tedious, especially when it comes to weaponry because they have a specific, (usually) non bending shape.
Also, JPEG is the worst thing ever, never save artwork in JPEG.


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I'm not an artist, but I would guess that it would take much less time if the weapons were of a few base types with minor changes. For example, 15 of the 50 are longswords, but each has a slightly different color or feature.


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Cole has a point. If you have 5 different axes, 5 different swords, etc, that all use the same animations but have some minor cosmetic changes, then it wouldn't be quite as time-consuming.

Still, 50 animated weapons is a lot.

Also, what resolution do you want them at? The higher the resolution, the more detail an artist can potentially add, which can increase the amount of time it takes to create them, depending on what you're asking for.

alex pang

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if the swords are 32*32 then i could make them in 2 days.