Stencyl doesn't running on Windows 10


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Hi, I'm Norbert
I'm Polish and I have got a  problem. Stencyl doesn't running on Windows 10. I reinstaled stencyl three/four times but it still doesn't  work. I had windows 7 and on windows 7 stencyl running carefully and doesn't cause problems, but now I have a windows 10 and on windows 10 stencyl doesn't running.Please, Can You Compatible stencyl to windows 10


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I had problems with Stencyl on Windows 10 with the default settings - at first it couldn't write to the Workspace due to permissions then when I changed the Workspace to a folder in my Documents folder that didn't help either.  When I went into the File -> Preferences menu and changed the Workspace to C:\Stencyl (a folder I created) it worked fine - I was able to run the Flappy Bird game found on StencylForge.  I still haven't had time to fully test it out but that worked.

Hope that helps!